"Charlotte takes a thorough and thoughtful approach to her work and has a gift for acting as an honest and impartial sounding board. She has clearly put a lot of thought into the structure of her courses and I found that each exercise and discussion built on previous work, which gives a sense of progress and gathering momentum. If you are willing to invest time and thought into improving your understanding of yourself and setting yourself up for a career that feels more obviously right for you as opposed to chasing a quick fix, I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte as a capable guide."

G.S., Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions | Devon, UK

"Thanks to Charlotte’s job application coaching, I have begun to see how my experiences from academia can be filtered into descriptions that are accessible to people outside of academia. Charlotte introduced me to the idea of using strengths-based words to bring certain skills alive, to better emphasise what makes me fit for a particular role, and to convey the contribution I make through my particular combination of strengths. All in all, I found this to be an illuminating and highly beneficial process which has generated insights that I’ll be able to apply in future job applications."

M.R., Former Life Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher | London, UK

"I really liked yesterday's session because it gave me a new perspective on job hunting. You gave me insights into things I don't pay much attention to during the job application such as the gaps I have. I came out with the idea that if I was already thinking that job applications are difficult, I am now thinking they are even more difficult! But in a good way, in the sense that there is more important work to do when applying. Also the whole relationship between strengths and jobs is something I never thought about. I am truly enjoying the overall process of job application with your insights."

T.A., Former PhD Researcher in Biochemistry | London, UK

“Since our meeting, I’ve been in contact with two colleagues who have shown a keen interest in me creating a workshop/presentation as part of their training programmes. I’m really excited about this. If it all goes to plan, who knows what the outcome will be. Our talk has re-kindled that little bit of my self-confidence, even more so when I re-read my CliftonStrengths® report. Thank you, you’re amazing. I was totally unaware of my strengths even though I use them every day.”

Tim Newton MBPsS, Haulage Driver & Mid-career Forensic Psychology Graduate | Devon, UK

“Charlotte helped me to work through all sorts of helpful topics that enabled me to then think more clearly about what I wanted to do in the future. I felt she genuinely Iistened and responded to my particular needs or questions. It was a very insightful and positive experience.”

K.B., Former Researcher & University Lecturer | London, UK

"Working with Charlotte was a real eye opener, she was able to tap into a great amount of tools and resources whilst coaching and keeping focus toward the ultimate goal. Thanks to her support and motivation, I secured my dream job within 3 months. I have grown so much that I would recommend anyone serious about their career to work with her."


"Charlotte is kind, patient and well-organised. She makes the process easy and enjoyable. The work itself is incredibly challenging because it forces you to face yourself and what drives you. Charlotte coaches you along the journey and assists you in discovering the answers to these questions and what your real priorities are in life. Discovering these priorities led me to find a position that suits me incredibly well and I am now much more relaxed and happy with my work. I do not hesitate to recommend Charlotte and Career Practic."

Ben Gardner, Head of IT in a charity | London, UK

"I would recommend Charlotte for her flexible, person-centred approach to guidance. She listened well, and took a genuine interest in my progress and well being. I really valued talking with her, and discovering aspects of myself that I had not previously considered, let alone considered as strengths! We have discussed how I might be able to approach finding and generating opportunities in areas more aligned to my core beliefs and my strengths, and I now have several ideas (with varying degrees of feasibility) that I am pursuing. Charlotte was always at pains to make herself available between sessions if I needed to contact her, and continues to offer support and advice now"

Peter Harris, Manufacturing Production Planning Assistant | Bradford, UK

"Charlotte is friendly, thoughtful, thorough, passionate and professional; all in all, a joy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional career advice (and have done so on a few occasions only a few months on). If nothing else, her strengths-based career coaching is incredibly empowering and some insights may even come as near revelations. I now have a wealth of information around what I enjoy (and don’t enjoy!) as well as the confidence that this self-knowledge brings in order to be better equipped to tackle the challenge of career transition and make sure that it happens in the right direction too."

A.K, former project management consultant | London, UK

"When I first contacted Charlotte, I was struggling to find direction after a career change. I felt a sense of loss having left a job and colleagues I knew well and did not know how best to move forward to find a new career. I was lacking motivation and had lost confidence in my abilities. With Charlotte’s help I started to see why I wanted to work instead of just focusing on what career to move into. She helped me to get to know myself better and encouraged me to evaluate my interests and the links between these. I now have a sense of direction and feel able to evaluate work opportunities and environments that suit me. I would highly recommend Charlotte as an extremely professional career coach whose advice and support were crucial to help me through a time of significant change"

J.W., former university lecturer. | Leeds, UK

"I would recommend Career Practic if you are currently struggling with your current role and feel like you have lost direction or motivation in your career. Charlotte will help you build your self-confidence as you become more aware of your strengths. What felt different about working with her was that every coaching session was tailored to meet my needs and she had always thought thoroughly about what would work well with me and what areas to target. I felt that we were working together collaboratively rather than following a set text from a coaching manual. Working with Career Practic has brought an enormous benefit to my career and general happiness at work. I feel more resilient and better equipped for whatever life or work can through at me. I also have a much greater sense of the work I truly enjoy and am currently working towards the type of role I want and putting myself in a better position going forward."

Christopher Davis, Financial Controller and Senior Finance Business Partner | London, UK

"When I came to Career Practic, I felt that I had hit a professional dead-end, that I had perhaps been wasting a lot of my professional life, and that I had been working in an area where I did not have the skills needed. Since working with Career Practic, I was able to gain a fresh perspective, to remember everything that I enjoyed about my career to date, and to realise that what I had enjoyed was what I had been good at. Career Practic enabled me to focus on what I was good at and to use this to find a new professional start."

J.M., Executive Headhunter. | London, UK

"When Charlotte and I started working together, I was struggling to put into words how I work. I am confident in my skills and can describe them to employers/colleagues. What I liked most was talking with Charlotte and realising that it’s not a ‘weakness’ to be as organised and disciplined as I am! It’s a STRENGTH! I would recommend working with her in order to practice verbalising your skill set/strengths and working out how to utilise them. The exercises were great and broken down into chunks, so I could do them bit by bit. Charlotte is a good listener, professional and thorough. She goes beyond with her service."

Suzanne Dinter, Part-time Import/Export Manager and Mother | Kassel, Germany

"I found Charlotte to be very warm and friendly to work with, and felt as though she took a genuine interest in me. The exercises that we did were really eye-opening and over the sessions, I learnt a lot more about myself and my career. She has helped me to uncover and recognise my strengths and to understand what I am looking for in a job and career. I came to Charlotte with lots of questions and confusion about work and left with a toolkit for assessing future options and a much better confidence in the strengths that I have! I’d recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with what to do with their life!"

Euan Vincent, International Development Project Manager | London, UK

"Working with Charlotte to discover my strengths and understand how these play out in my career and my working relationships has been an incredibly insightful and rewarding experience. It seems so obvious in retrospect that, taking the time to explore and clarify what you love to do (and why) and what you are good at, provides the opportunity to gain the insight and the tools needed to create a more fulfilling work life (and the associated benefits for your general wellbeing). You could not ask for a more talented interpreter of strength discovery than Charlotte. She is an intuitive, patient and committed guide to a better understanding of the many facets of one’s professional identity, and how to apply that knowledge. Charlotte is an expert, active listener who was able to derive key insights from the work we did and use this to support and empower me to progress towards my career and personal goals. I recommend her services unreservedly."

Sian Verrall, University Strategic Planning Officer | Cardiff, Wales, UK

"This was truly a great experience. Even if you think you know your strengths, it’s amazing what revelations come about when you talk about those strengths out loud with a professional guide like Charlotte who has a deep understanding of how the core strengths work together and how they can best be put to use in your life."


"My sessions with Charlotte were nothing short of incredible. As a result of working with her, I am far more attuned to what to pay attention to in terms of using my strengths to be a happier person both in work and in life. Charlotte’s insightful questions and comments made me aware of situations in which I had used my strengths and the almost inevitable positive results. She showed me how I can use my strengths more intentionally in my work with clients and how this will help both them and me. Our conversations helped me to think in different ways about my strengths and to see new ways to fulfil my potential. It would have never occurred to me to use my five strengths to create my brand, one of the many gems I took away from the sessions. I had so many ‘aha-moments’ during our discussions. All of a sudden the puzzle pieces fit together very easily. It feels like having a compass in my hand now always pointing in the right direction."

Regine Albrecht, Coaching & Consulting | Westfield, New Jersey, USA

"I went into working with Charlotte as a blank canvas, not knowing what to expect. Being cynical about psychometric testing, I was pleasantly surprised at the impact that the professional self-reflection had on my work and personal development, and more generally on my well-being and happiness. After working with Charlotte, I made some subtle changes in my career decisions – basically to refocus on what I do well – and so far the results have been outstanding."

Dan Lyons, Self-employed Events Manager | Cardiff, Wales, UK

"I so appreciated the opportunity to go deeper into my strengths in two coaching sessions with you. Without your insights, I’d have just had a list of qualities that I felt simply confirmed what I already knew. Working with you to understand my strengths in various ways helped me see how better to exploit & enjoy my strengths and work constructively with my weaker areas. Particularly beneficial was seeing my top 10 strengths through the lens of the four domains. Although I’m no longer working in a corporate environment, I am keenly developing an independent activity and this knowledge will serve me well."

M.M., Retired | Geneva, Switzerland

"Working with Charlotte was a pure delight from start to finish.  With her professional approach and confident personality she was insightful and got to the heart of the issue immediately. I had previously gone through the StrengthsFinder process, however working with Charlotte my understanding of how the different pieces fit together was a real revelation. After working with Charlotte I have a greater understanding of my motivations and how to use my strengths and support my challenges."

T.W., Director, Corporate Communications | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"I feel that it’s been a really lovely experience. The friend who recommended me to you said: “It’s like therapy but careers therapy”. She was right. I now feel much happier in where I am and what my future plans are. I have learned what my strengths are and feel more confident about saying out loud what I am good at doing. I am also aware of what doesn’t suit me. If something similar was available through the university careers service that would be amazing and I would recommend it to any fellow PhD students."

K.P., Part-time PhD Student and Mother | Cardiff, Wales, UK

"Working with Charlotte to identify my strengths and natural capabilities helped me to gain a better understanding of what I’m good at, what I have to work at and why. She was attentive, insightful and supportive throughout the process – and has given me some practical techniques that I can return to at turning points in my career in future."

Clare Sturges, Creative Director & Freelance Senior Copywriter | Cardiff, Wales, UK

"I sought sessions with Charlotte to clarify how to best use my strengths in anticipation of a career change. I hesitated because this seems like it should be obvious. Find what you love and do it. However, I felt like I kept running into challenges and I didn’t know if I was in the wrong industry, the wrong position, or I was wrong about my strengths. Sessions with Charlotte helped me understand that some of my challenges were common and it wasn’t about my shortcomings. After the sessions, I felt validated in some ideas for moving forward and she sparked new awareness. She helped me to see HOW I can be more influential – not just that I had the strength. I walked away with a better understanding of the application of strengths. Our sessions gave me lots to consider and it has taken time for me to absorb it all. I am grateful to her for every new insight that comes up because of her wisdom."

Jenna Edwards, Host, Cooking Companion TV | New York, New York, USA

"After meeting Charlotte at an industry event I felt she would be the kind of person I could easily talk with and that she would be genuinely interested in my success. I have found since working with her that is absolutely true and that she is also very thorough and consistent in her approach. She always has a plan for a session but at the same time is warm and engaging in her approach. Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable and professional and truly cares about the success of her clients. I would recommend Career Practic for any type of career or entrepreneurial coaching."

Kathy H., Business Consultant | Alabama, USA

"Working with Charlotte brought my Gallup Strengths survey results to life! She explained what my strengths actually meant, and provided me direction and ideas of how to apply this information to continue developing my business as well how to further assist my existing clientele. Charlotte is positive, insightful and exudes her mastery of the subject."

L.A., Holistic Health Practitioner | Wichita, Kansas, USA

"I had read the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 and had my assessment for quite a while but I never got around to actually putting it into practice. I was curious about how I could use my strengths to be more productive.  I now appreciate my strengths far more and am being more creative in how I use them on-a-day to day basis. What I really liked about working with Charlotte was her calm and supportive energy. She listens deeply and helps you to embrace your strengths and put them to work.  She also has a very good knowledge of her subject."

Silke Zanker, Mentor for Influencers and Leadership Advisor | Zurich, Switzerland