Charlotte Whitehead from Career Practic writing at her desk.

Where are you now?

Career change happens whether we like it or not. When it does, we need to take time out to reflect on what’s been happening and what we can learn in order to move into the next chapter with confidence.

At the moment:

You may be feeling:

• unhappy; unfulfilled

• disillusioned; disengaged

• stuck or trapped in a job you don’t enjoy

• stressed by doing work that doesn’t play to your strengths

• challenged by new responsibilities (management or leadership)

• desperate…

You may be thinking:

• “I’m in the wrong job.”

• “There must be more to life than this…”

• “If I don’t do something now, it will be too late.”

You may have recognised:

• you’re not fulfilling your potential

• change is on the horizon (redundancy… relocation… retirement)

• it’s time to take stock and review where you’re heading

You would like:

• work that you enjoy

• a future that looks inviting

• a better work/life balance

• a sense of purpose

• more control over your work and life

But you’re struggling:

• you don’t know what else you might be suited to.

• you do know what you’d like to do but lack confidence in taking the plunge.

• you’re unsure what your strengths really are.

• you don’t know where to begin.

"When I first contacted Charlotte, I was struggling to find direction after a career change. I felt a sense of loss having left a job and colleagues I knew well and did not know how best to move forward to find a new career. I was lacking motivation and had lost confidence in my abilities."

"I was unhappy and unsatisfied at work however I did not know what I wanted to do or how I could make a change."

"I felt that I had hit a professional dead-end, that I had perhaps been wasting a lot of my professional life, and that I had been working in an area where I did not have the skills needed."