Personal Career Coaching

There’s no quick way to deal with career transition. But I can guide you through it and provide the necessary structure and process that will enable you take a step back and work out what it is you really want and which direction to head in.

Charlotte Whitehead from Career Practic looking towards the camera.
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My career coaching packages are designed to help you to:

  • identify where your natural strengths and abilities lie
  • get clarity on what’s important to you in your work and life
  • explore what career options might suit you
  • plan and undertake a job search
  • define your brand/professional identity
  • update your CV and apply for jobs
  • prepare for job interviews
  • decide whether to go self-employed or set up a business
  • or simply take stock, identify priorities, and take first steps into the next chapter

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"I would recommend Career Practic if you are currently struggling with your current role and feel like you have lost direction or motivation in your career. Charlotte will help you build your self-confidence as you become more aware of your strengths."

"Charlotte is kind, patient and well-organised. She makes the process easy and enjoyable."

"I came to Charlotte with lots of questions and confusion about work and left with a toolkit for assessing future options and a much better confidence in the strengths that I have! I’d recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with what to do with their life!"