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Difference between CliftonStrengths and VIA Character Strengths

Psychometric strengths assessments are widely used in career development but it may not be clear which one would be most useful for you if you’re seeking to make changes to your career. This article looks at two tools that measure ‘strengths’: CliftonStrengths® and the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. It explains their origins, similarities and differences, and when and how they might be used in career coaching. 

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Working on work-life balance

Our life’s work isn’t just what we do in our day job, i.e. our work role. It’s the sum total of the work we do in each domain of life. Reflecting on the roles we’re currently playing can be a useful exercise to do especially if one’s feeling burned out or at a transition point in life.
Here are nine questions you can reflect on if you want to get your work-life balance back.

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