Charlotte Whitehead from Career Practic

Find and do meaningful work.

We all have strengths.
It’s what we do with them that matters.

I’m Charlotte Whitehead and I offer career coaching and strengths development for mid-career professionals. My aim is to help you find meaningful work so that you can have a satisfying and fulfilling life.

My approach is:

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I use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths online assessment along with other tools and exercises to help you identify your natural talents and abilities, and understand the contribution that you, uniquely, can make.

Charlotte Whitehead from Career Practic.


My focus is on the whole person rather than just work. I build trusting relationships in which my clients feel able to discuss what’s worked or hasn’t worked for them previously, and how they want to change or develop.

Charlotte Whitehead from Career Practic.


At the same time, my focus is on the practical. There is plenty of scope for asking questions, sharing ideas, gaining perspective, learning, and growth. Reflective exercises in between sessions deepen the understanding and ensure that focus and progress are maintained.

"This was truly a great experience. 
Even if you think you know your strengths, it’s amazing what revelations come about when you talk about those strengths out loud with a professional guide like Charlotte who has a deep understanding of how the core strengths work together and how they can best be put to use in your life."

"I would highly recommend Charlotte as an extremely professional career coach whose advice and support were crucial to help me through a time of significant change."

"Charlotte was very good at opening up topics, adding insight to experiences I had had in the past, and guiding me in how to use these experiences better in the future. I liked how discursive the sessions with her were, and the creative ways she employed along the way."