The needs of each person vary greatly.  The following provides a flavour of what’s possible but is not intended to be comprehensive.  Please get in touch with Charlotte to have an initial chat so that she can advise on what might be best for you.

Career Guidance

You may be considering a change of direction or contemplating self-employment. Perhaps you are returning to work after a break. Or maybe you want to find something to do that feels more meaningful.  If you’re in the later stage of your career, you may be wondering what to do in retirement.  Or if you’re leaving school or university, you may need help with choosing between career options. A range of tools and exercises is available that can help you work out what to do next.  The first step is to discuss with Charlotte where you’re at and find out what the options are.

Strengths Development for Individuals

Research by the Gallup Organisation has shown that people who use their strengths every day are three times more likely to say that they have an excellent quality of life.

CliftonStrengths® is Gallup’s online assessment tool that reveals what your strengths are.  It provides a fascinating insight into how you think, how you get things done and how you relate to others. These natural patterns of behaviour are so instinctive that you may not even be aware of them, and the realisation that they are ‘strengths’ can be deeply revealing and self-affirming.

Discussion of your strengths with Charlotte will provide valuable insights into your motivations and values, how you approach your work and your relationships, and what you need to be doing on a day-to-day basis in order to feel satisfied.

An introductory Strength Discovery discussion about your top five strengths will get you started. Alternatively, you may want to dive more deeply into your full 34 theme sequence over two or more sessions.  Please feel free to arrange an initial chat with Charlotte about your needs and what you would like to achieve through strengths coaching.

Strengths Development for New Managers and Leaders

The CliftonStrengths® tool (developed by Gallup) is used in organisations around the world to support staff development and promote employee engagement.  Gallup’s researchers have found that:

– People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.

– Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.

– Teams who receive feedback on their strengths have 8.9% greater profitability.

– Employees who receive feedback on their strengths have 14.9% lower turnover.

People moving into their first management or leadership role can benefit greatly from understanding how their strengths influence their management and leadership style, and how to use those strengths to manage and lead their teams effectively.   Career Practic offers 1:1 support for new managers and leaders.  This can be provided on or off-site.  To find out more, please contact Charlotte for an initial confidential discussion.


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